About Us

Meet Allison and Bill of Wattle Lane Co.

Allison + Bill's Story

Based on Crocus Lane near Regina, SK this husband and wife team work together to bring beautiful and eco-friendly designs to the prairies.

Together Allison and Bill provide their sustainable product-lines of creative handmade goods to the Saskatchewan community. Driven from a passion of creating beautiful things and a genuine interest in making quality, eco-friendly products, her handmade items are designed to catch your eye. Handmade with experienced care, Wattle Lane Co. products are created locally to remain affordable within the prairie community.

Wattle Lane Co.

Formerly, Allison's business was known as Past Print Designs. She soon realized she was creating more than print jewelry and it was time to grow her business while embracing both her Australian roots and Canadian home. Wattle is the national flower of her home in Australia, and Lane combines her Canadian home of Crocus Lane. By collectively embracing her roots, and passion for design Wattle Lane Co was born.